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Scrumptious and nutritious meals for children

The importance of healthy foods is very important for the school children. We observe that children who lack proper nutrition face focus problems at school. On the other hand, adolescents who consume nutritious meals every day lead active lifestyles and are likely to excel.

Keeping in view the nutritious requirements of growing children, M & B Caterers Limited are on their frontline of efforts. Established in 2000, our team of highly trained professionals is set to improve childhood nutrition, collective health and the future of our nation. We believe improving the quality of meals that your children eat in schools. This is a significant step to achieve our goal.

Healthy school meal serves as a strong nutritional foundation and equally important for an individual to succeed in life. This nutritional foundation is also important for the intelligent students. This is as important as getting encouragement from teachers and parents. We strive to deliver quality food for our children. This is essential for their collective health and the future of our great country.

Tailorer in accordance with nutmeg system

We are managing canteen facilities in 6 different schools. As one of the best caterers, we aim to provide the best services of school catering in Peterborough. These are in accordance with the official guidelines. Moreover, our menus are specially tailored to provide a balance of all nutrients that young bodies need to grow.

Employing nutmeg system, we make sure that our menus are fully catered for all nutritive requirements. We are implementing the knowledge of culinary science. At the same time, our trained professionals will guide you on the dishes suitable for your children. These dishes are available with a variety of food intolerances.

Special catering services for school events

Our aim is to provide rich food in the shape of fruits and vegetables. These are freshly prepared and meet industry guidelines. With a wealth of experience, our expert caterers deliver their expertise in special catering services for school events.

Our goal is to transform both the catering service and the satisfaction of our customers. Nothing is less important for us, as we provide our services from small primary schools to multi-site colleges, universities and businesses. To provide the most effective catering service, we have a range of tailored and cost effective catering solutions.

Limiting enviroment effects

Reflecting back at your experience of school meals, you probably don’t conjure very good memories. That’s why our plan is to change that for the next generation. Enriched with flavor, our school meals are packed full of savor and goodness.

Our status is built on better tasting nutritious food. Employing only professional and ethical approach, we stay on our toes to provide a cost effective school catering in Peterborough. If you’re looking for a new catering management for your school, feel free to contact us for references or further information and find out what we can do for you.



s1School meals kids will love

Looking back at your experience of school meals probably doesn’t conjure very favourable memories. We aim to change that for the next generation. Our school meals are packed full of flavour and goodness.

Food for thought

s2 •  Lots of fruit and vegetables towards their 5 a day

 •  Freshly prepared meals that meet industry guidelines

 •  Expert caterers with a wealth of experience

 •  Special catering services for school events

s3Catering for every child

We use the Nutmeg system to ensure that our menus fully cater for all dietary requirements. Our team can help advise you on dishes suitable for children with a variety of food intolerances.